Michael Petry

Published by Thames & Hudson

Case study#34 (Prana) is featured in the newly released book The WORD is Art

A fascinating global overview of how contemporary artists incorporate text and language into work that speaks to some of the most pressing issues of the 21st century.

There has been much scaremongering about the ‘death of the book’ and how, as words find new ways and means of transmission, people might gradually begin to shun writing. In the digital age, text becomes information, and information strives to become free. But what value can text hold in the sphere of visual art? How is such text different to poetry? Can the poetic itself be visual art, or is text in this context consigned to the realms of gimmick and catchphrase?

Looking at the work of a broad range of artists including, Ghada Amer, Fiona Banner, Tania Bruguera, Chun Kwang Young, Martin Creed, eL Seed, Jenny Holzer, Roni Horn, Jospeh Kosuth, Barbara Kruger, Christian Marclay, Annette Messager, Harland Miller, Raymond Pettibon, Laure Prouvost, Kay Rosen, Rachel Whiteread, Christopher Wool, Cerith Wyn Evans, Zhang Huan and many more,


Nature Morte: Contemporary artists reinvigorate the Still-Life tradition written by Michael Petry. Thames & Hudson


published by Thames & Hudson
Publication date: 14 October 2013

“Thought-provoking and richly visual, Nature Morte brings together, for the first time, the poignant, provocative re-imaginings of the traditional still life by over 180 international contemporary artists. This visually stunning and timely book reveals how leading artists of the 21st century are reinvigorating the still life, a genre previously synonymous with the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Old Masters.”

lease see Thames & Hudson online autumn book releases catalogue for further details (page 21) Nature Morte

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24 June - 3 July, 2016

Maurizio Bongiovanni

Enotria Crescenzi 

Sofia Dahlgren

Roberto Ekholm

Oliver Hickmet  

Josep Maynou

Nat Tafelmacher-Magnat Thomas Zipp

Curated by Roberto Ekholm | EKCO