Roberto Ekholm, Untitled (The Healer), Nature Morte Exhibition Bohusläns Museum Sweden 2016


Roberto Ekholm (b. Gothenburg, Sweden 1976) studied at Laban Centre and Goldsmiths College, London. His work includes performances, sculpture and photography drawing on our present ideas about identity through discourses of medicine and the body and our environment around us. Recent exhibitions includes Nature Morte (Touring exhibition), Patient Zero & Cousin Mosquito, (MOCA London), The Fall of the Rebel Angels (Venice, 56), Art of not Making (Bukowskis, Sweden),Rock-paper-scissors, (Milan), Re-Imagine:Ourselves, (New York), Touch of The Oracle/Golden Rain, (Palm Springs), The Show, (Barcelona), Where the Men Met, (Stockholm). Crash Open, Charlie Dutton Gallery (London), Inspired by Soane, Sir John Soane’s Museum (London). Ekholm has also curated Sagacity (London) and worked as dancer with Lulu’s Livingroom and as a choreographer. His work is featured in the two Thames & Hudsonn publications The WORD is ART and Nature Morte and He is the director of EKCO London.